Step 3: Income

There are three steps to projecting income.

Step 1: Unit Information: Tenant name, or unit type (such as a class of apartments), unit size, number of units, type of income measure, etc. 

Step 2: Market Income: Market Income and Vacancy.

Step 3: Effective Income: Effective Income and Vacancy.

Important: Individual Income sheets must be accessed by the navigation buttons at the top of the Income sheet. On the top-right of the Income sheet are "<< Previous" and "Next >>" buttons which will cycle though the sheets. To the left of these buttons is the "Navigate Income Streams" button. This will activate a drop-down list of the 30 income sheets - simply click the name of an income stream to access and view it. 

If you navigate with scroll bars, the settings for the Individual Income sheets will not load. For example, if you were to go to the income sheet then scroll down to the third cash flow, then edit the cash flow, the edits would be applied to the first cash flow, not the one being viewed.