Leasing Commissions & Tenant Improvements

Because these expenses are usually tied to specific leases, they are calculated when the income stream is projected. 

To calculate and project leasing commissions or tenant improvements, do the following:
  1. Go to the income sheet for the tenant or unit group and click on the Effective Income button. 

  2. Activate the Income Projection panel by clicking on any cell (Income, Vacancy, Effective Gross Income), from the year you want to edit, then click the Leasing Commissions and Unit Improvements tab.

Commissions: To enter a commission as a percent of the next 12 months of income (for this particular income stream), set the percentage rate with the spinner, then click "Apply". Otherwise, lick the radio button, enter a lump sum dollar amount and click Apply. 

Tenant Improvements: This expense may be applied as cost per square foot or as a lump sum figure. The expense is first estimated in current dollars, then adjusted for inflation. The inflation rate may be changed with the spinner or reset to the original amount by clicking on the Inflation button. 

Viewing Summary Pages of Commissions and Tenant Improvements: This option is a sub-section item on the Income tab.