DCF Navigation

The tabs at the top of the sheet serve as the primary navigation method. The tabs will take you to each major section of the analysis. Under each tab are sub-sections or tools for the specific sections. Thus, all navigation and tools are accessed by clicking the tabs, then clicking the links located directly under the tabs.

Document Map
The Document Map tab will access the Document Map sheet. This section provides a graphic layout of the DCF and links to each major section. 

Sheet Tabs
You can also access any of the sheets by clicking on the sheet tabs at the bottom of the window.

Sheet Navigation
Most of the sheets are designed to be navigated with the scroll bars at the right and bottom of the screen. 

Important: Individual Income sheets and Expense Reimbursements must be accessed by the navigation tools on those sheets. If you navigate with scroll bars, the settings for the Individual Income sheets and Expense Reimbursements will not load. For example, if you were to go to the income sheet then scroll down to the third cash flow, then edit the cash flow, the edits would be applied to the first cash flow, not the one being viewed.