Step 3.1: Unit Information

Unit Information: This dialog is activated from the Income tab by clicking the "Step 1: Unit Info" button. 

Tenant or Unit Type: Enter the tenant name and or unit ID, or type of unit if the income projection reflects a group. For example, 30 two-bedroom apartments might be identified as "2-BR Apartments, Units 1-30", or a retail space might be identified as "Unit 3, Sports Word". 

Size: Enter the square footage of the unit. If the income measure is based on square footage, the income rate will be multiplied by the square footage entered here. If the income measure is per month or annual, the square footage is not used. It is necessary if reimbursed expenses are allocated on a per square foot basis. Further, it should be entered as it is important information for the reader. 

Number of Units: Enter the number of units for this income stream. Typically retail and office and other spaces with unique size and income characteristics are listed separately, while apartments are grouped.

Income Measure: Income may be projected on a per square foot, monthly or annual basis. 

Contract Ends: This is for the reader's benefit only and does not effect the income stream used in the analysis. The date entered should coincide with end of the lease term, or if the tenant has a renewal option and is expected to exercise the option, the date entered should coincide with the end of the option term. 

If there is no contract, select "NA".

Renewal Options:  Again, this is for the readers benefit. Use the notes section to explain if the renewal option is expected to be exercised.